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Construction material

Product introduction:

Founded in 2007, Beihai Caustic Calcined Magnesia is an important part of Liaoning Beihai Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. It rapidly increased its production capacities and operates 1 Vertical Roller Mill, 2 Raymond Mills. And 16 calcination kilns. It mines over 500,000t of crude ores each year to produced 240,000t of various Caustic Magnesia powder grades to satisfy customer demand.

The entire production process is subject to strict quality controls. Our laboratory runs state of the art equipment and guaranties production meets the most stringent specifications. 

The products are mostly used in insulation and refractory construction materials, steel plants, power plant desulfurization, rubber, glass wool and feed industries.

In 2014, Beihai Group and Shandong Chenming Paper jointly established the Haicheng Haiming Mine Co., Ltd. to expand our magnesia business with a total investment of RMB 2 billions. It develops and manufactures caustic magnesia powders, high purity magnesium sands and fused magnesia.

In 2017, the company R&D department perfected a high activity and flowability grade. Right upon market introduction, the product is overwhelmingly praised by the flue gas treatment industry (desulfurization).

Currently, the company offers caustic calcined magnesia powders and sands. 

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