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Product introduction:

Haicheng Beihai Container Co., Ltd. was created in 2001 to guarantee the product packaging quality.  Introducing modern production equipment and technologies, the company installed flexible container production lines. Through 16 years of development and continuous improvement the high bulk bag quality has secured a large customer base worldwide. 

The company employs over 70 executives and technicians and 400 employee. Through joint efforts of all our employees we now produce more than  3 million container of various type each year.

The company proposes a wide choice of flexible containers: standard disposable, conductive, reinforced, reusable anti-aging with a three year useful life. Capacity ranges from 0.5t to 3t. The company manufactures customized bags on request according to client specifications. 

Strict quality controls over each production step guarantees absence of loose threads and odor, wear resistance, load capacity more than 2 times volume and 6-7 safety coefficient standard.

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